Family group decision making program; requirements; program termination
Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated

Description: Title 8. Children Chapter 11. Family Group Decision Making Program Article 1. General Provisions 8-1001. Family group decision making program; requirements; program termination A. The family group decision making program is established in the department of economic security for the purpose of providing an opportunity to help families find solutions to problems that threaten their family's stability. B. The program shall include the following goals: 1. Provide for the care and protection of children. 2. Provide a process to assist families to develop a family action plan to protect their children. 3. Give all participants information about the departmental and court processes. 4. Outline options for services. 5. Assist and facilitate in preparing families to meet to develop a plan adapted to the needs of their family. 6. Assist the family in identifying appropriate resources. 7. Respect and value the culture of families. 8. Support the family in choosing a monitor or monitors from the family who will hold participants accountable for plan follow-through. 9. Increase plan compliance by encouraging the family to develop their own individual plan. 10. Allow shared decision making and shared responsibilities between the family and the case manager. 11. Reduce conflicts between the family and the case manager. 12. Reduce conflicts between the family and Child Protective Services. 13. Increase the family's ability to become self-determined. C. The department shall use existing measures for outreach and marketing in order to facilitate community awareness regarding the family group decision making program. D. The program established by this section ends on July 1, 2004, pursuant to 41-3102. CREDIT(S) Added as 8-901 by Laws 2000, Ch. 369, 17. Renumbered as 8-1001. Current through the First Regular Session and First through Fourth Special Sessions of the Forty-Ninth Legislature (2009)

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