Legislative Declarations for Colorado Juvenile Justice System
West's Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated

Description: Title 19. Children's Code Article 2. The Colorado Juvenile Justice System Part 1. General Provisions 19-2-102. Legislative declaration (1) The general assembly hereby finds that the intent of this article is to protect, restore, and improve the public safety by creating a system of juvenile justice that will appropriately sanction juveniles who violate the law and,in certain cases, will also provide the opportunity to bring together affected victims, the community, and juvenile offenders for restorative purposes. The general assembly further finds that, while holding paramount the public safety, the juvenile justice system shall take into consideration the best interests of the juvenile, the victim,and the community in providing appropriate treatment to reduce the rate of recidivism in the juvenile justice system and to assist the juvenile in becoming a productive member of society. (2) The general assembly hereby finds that the public has the right to safe and secure homes and communities and that when a delinquent act occurs such safety and security is compromised; and the result is harm to the victim, the community, and the juvenile offender. The general assembly finds that the juvenile justice system should seek to repair such harm and that victims and communities should be provided with the opportunity to elect to participate actively in a restorative process that would hold the juvenile offender accountable for his or her offense. CREDIT(S) Added by Laws 1996, H.B.96-1005, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1997. Amended by Laws 1999, Ch. 28, 1, eff. Aug. 4, 1999. Current through the end of the First Regular Session of the 67th General Assembly (2009)

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