Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program
Indiana Code

Description: IC 35-40-6-5 West's Annotated Indiana Code Currentness Title 35. Criminal Law and Procedure Article 40. Victim Rights Chapter 6. Prosecuting Attorney Duties and Victim Assistance Programs 35-40-6-5 Victim-offender reconciliation program Sec. 5. (a) If a victim participates in a victim-offender reconciliation program (VORP) operated by a victim assistance program under section 4(9) of this chapter, the victim shall execute a waiver releasing: (1) the prosecuting attorney responsible for the victim assistance program; and (2) the victim assistance program; from civil and criminal liability for actions taken by the victim, an accused person, or an offender as a result of participation by the victim, the accused person, or the offender in a victim-offender reconciliation program (VORP). (b) A victim is not required to participate in a victim-offender reconciliation program (VORP) under section 4(9) of this chapter. CREDIT(S) As added by P.L.139-1999, SEC.1. HISTORICAL AND STATUTORY NOTES 2004 Main Volume Formerly: IC 33-14-10-5. LIBRARY REFERENCES 2004 Main Volume Criminal Law 1220. Westlaw Topic No. 110. C.J.S. Criminal Law 1759, 1761 to 1786. I.C. 35-40-6-5, IN ST 35-40-6-5 Current through end of 2009 1st Regular Sess. (c) 2009 Thomson Reuters. END OF DOCUMENT

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